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300 Jewish elite try to conquer the world in 1945.

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In 1946 some Jewish people have tried to convince Stalin that Russia and the USA should merge into One World Power, who would dominate the rest of the world.
( Baruch Plan for World Government)

Some decades earlier there were some Brittish people who aspired to form a World Government, but a closer look shows us that in reality these people were jewish too, although they presented themselves as Christians.
(Cecil Rhodes a.o.)

To show Stalin they meant business they gave him a fine present: all factories of Germany were dismantled and sent to Russia. ( See: 1. Emperical conclusions...)

Germany was going  to be an arcadic country: no industry, just farmers would live there.  This was the plan of another jewish power-broker: the American minister of justice, Henry Morgenthau. ( Wikipedia ) ( Irving) ( Many links )
The Morgenthau Plan would cause 20 million germans to die from hunger, according to most sources (a.o. President Hoover). But one source, Freda Utley,  calculated it would cost 30 million German lives.

The Morgenthau Plan was presented to Churchill in Canada, in november 1944. Churchill first was angry and devastated by the proposal, but later he was forced to agree with the Plan.

The Morgenthau Plan was the policy during 1945, 1946 and 1947, when it was abandoned.
During these 3 years it cost about 3 million Germans their livers. They died from hunger and misery.

Why was it abandoned?

Well, Stalin had understood that this merger with the USA was probably in reality  nothing else  but a peaceful take-over, and he refused.
I am not sure when this was clear to the West: after all these German industries had arrived in Russia, or already before.

Then The West needed a strong Germany as a buffer against a strong Russia.
Also it had become clear in these few years that a non-industrialised germany would be a big handicap for other European industries.

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