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231 Human Rights Report unreliable: Ali Alsayef

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An 11 year old boy survived the Houla massacre and says he saw it all happen. He is an important witness.
The UN interviewed witnesses like this  Ali Alsayed and concludes that probably Assad's people did the massacre.
Because all the witness stories were consistent.

How is this possible, when even the most important witness has two very different versions of what happenend ?

Below you will see what happened to his family-members, according to Ali.
The problem is: Ali told his story two times, and both stories are all but consistent.

He spoke on a video, made by the rebels, on the same day as the massacre, 25th of may. But in this video Ali says that he saw his dead uncles on Syrian tv, the day after the massacre: 26th of may. Impossible.

He also  gave an interview to The Guardian.
There are many differences between the two stories. 

Consistent in both stories: 
 mother:  killedkilled
5 year old sister Rashakilledkilled
brother Naderkilledkilled

his father's name: AliAref
his fathers fate: not mentionedkilled outside, 25 may
Shaoki/ Shawkiarrested
Next day on tv: killed
Oldest brother Arefnot mentionedkilled ouside, 25 may
( He was found last, as Ali says.) 
Abu Haidernot mentionedkilled ouside, 25 may
Ogbaseen to be arrested
Next day on tv: killed
Arefseen to be arrested
Next day on tv: killed
Unknown ucle: Was on TV and said his children were killed by gangs.

Who were killed on 25 may, according to Ali  ? 
and brothersNader
father Aref
Brother Aref
Uncle  Abu Haider
According to Ali the soldiers spoke about six dead people, five plus Ali.

The same boy gives three different versions of the number of deaths: 
 In the video he does not include a father or any uncle
In the Guardian he has a total of 6.
But he quotes the killers who spoke of 6 deaths, with Ali as one of these 6 dead.

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